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FROM: Steve Harrison

Dear Friend,

May I ask you a simple question?

What would happen if you and/or your book, product, business or cause were ten times more famous than you are right now – if ten times more people knew who you were and what you did?

I’ll tell you what would happen. You would have TEN times more money, TEN times more influence, and TEN times more fun.

You’d have people beating a path to your door to buy what you’re promoting. More people would be telling their friends and family about you. They’d be going to your website, calling your office, and sending in orders.

If you're promoting a book, the right publicity can skyrocket your book onto the major bestseller lists. I've seen it happen time-and-time again as a result of just one major media appearance. The right publicity hits also make it much easier to sell foreign rights and/or land a bigger advance for your next book.

If you're promoting a business or yourself as an expert, you'll find the more famous you and your company become in your field, the more money people are willing to pay to do business with you. Imagine being able to raise your fees dramatically and people gladly paying it without even blinking.

Why Publicity Can
Make “Miracles” Happen

1 It’s FREE! When a major radio/TV program interviews you or a print publication runs a feature story about you, it doesn't cost you a penny to reach their audience of thousands -- even millions -- of people. It's truly like getting free advertising from that station or publication.
2 It’s more believable than advertising. When you say how great you are, it’s an ad. But when the media says it, it’s “editorial”. People nowadays are more skeptical than ever, but nothing will help you close more sales than showing potential customers what the media says about you.
3 It MULTIPLIES!!! Often when you get a story somewhere, it leads to another and another. That’s because the media like to cover things that everybody’s talking about. Not so with an ad! Is anyone ever going to reprint your ad for free? No way.

Look at all the mail Shauna got after
she used my publicity services!

I got an email from Mike Fleming whose 17-year-old daughter Shauna, author of A Million Thanks, generated a blizzard of radio interviews and an appearance on national TV since she started using my publicity services. In fact, here's a photo of Shauna with all the mail she received as a result:


Right this minute, more than 100,000 journalists
and producers are looking for stories to write about
and people to interview — why shouldn’t they
write about YOU!

How would you like to sell something that people absolutely HAD to buy? Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, that’s the situation the media are in.

Every single day, they have to “buy” an idea for a story or segment. They’re on deadline. They absolutely MUST have something which will be of interest to their readers. They’re going to “buy” from someone. They’re going to find someone to write about.

All you need to do is to show them why you should be the one they pick today, this week, this month.

ANYONE Can Get Publicity
and I Mean You!

I’ve got some very good news for you.

In order to get publicity…

x You don’t need to have the #1 book, product or service!
x You don’t need to be the most knowledgeable expert!

You don’t need to have gotten publicity before!

check The one thing you do need is something of interest to share with their readers/listeners. If you can just show them what you could talk about that would be of interest to their audience, you’ll get booked!

I know. I’ve helped more than 12,000 people get publicity for what they were promoting – that’s more than anyone you’ll ever find. And I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t get publicity (though I will say some people were a lot harder to promote than others).

If you know enough to answer peoples' basic questions, you have enough expertise to start getting publicity

Do you spend some of your time each day giving advice to your customers or answering your prospects' questions? Then you know enough to start getting publicity.

Maybe you don’t know everything there is to know about your topic and you're not the world's foremost expert in your field. However, I'll bet you know a lot more about your field than the average Joe or Joanne. In fact, I've routinely found that most people dramatically underestimate the value of their own expertise.

An ordinary shoe salesperson, for example, could talk about the latest fashions in ladies shoes and what type of shoes last longer. After all, these are questions he gets asked almost everyday.

Why am I uniquely qualified to help you
attract millions of dollars worth of FREE publicity?
Glad you asked!

Since 1986 I’ve helped more entrepreneurs, spokespeople, authors and experts actually get publicity than any publicist or PR expert on the planet. More than 12,000 people with something to promote have received publicity on air or in print as a result of what my wonderful staff and I taught them and did for them.

I’ve helped people just like you land appearances on top TV shows like Oprah, Today, Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, The View, The Early Show, CNN, Fox News and many others. My tools, tactics and resources have helped my clients get written up in newspapers and magazines around the country.

TV Shows

My own products or services have been written up or mentioned in such prestigious publications as Inc., Entrepreneur, Investor’s Business Daily, Wall St. Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post, several important industry trade publications and many others. This publicity has brought me many millions of dollars in sales for my company’s products and services.

Since 1986 my company has published Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR), the magazine 4,000 producers read to find guests (more on RTIR below!). Over the years, I have personally interviewed hundreds of reporters, editors, journalists and producers.

Every year, I do what no publicist or PR person has ever done or could do: I bring more than 100 journalists/producers together – folks from major media like Good Morning America, Time Magazine, New York Times, People Magazine, Inc., Entrepreneur, Oprah’s O Magazine, Family Circle, CNN, etc. -- to meet people just like you. The event is called the National Publicity Summit. It’s limited to 100 people and always sells out.

I regularly receive invitations to speak at conferences for entrepreneurs, business owners and authors – the same conferences where people like Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, Mark Victor Hansen, Harvey Mackay, Dan Kennedy, and other sales and marketing gurus speak.

Mark Victor Hansen Quote

Robert Kiyosaki

We got to know Mark and Robert when we helped to promote their books. Since then we've done additional business with Mark as compensated affiliates for his programs and he for ours. As a thank you to Robert for his testimonial, we've gifted him additional products and services.

Maximum Publicity Package

I've created the Maximum Publicity Package as a turn-key system for helping you quickly and cost-effectively get the word out to the most important media decision makers.


You'll get 5 key components including...

Component 1

Now you’ll be able to land radio/TV coverage with almost no effort because you’ll get three half-page ads in Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR), which tells 4,000 producers across the US and Canada about your availability for interviews. RTIR Magazine
In addition to all types of radio shows which interview guests, you'll also reach producers at such major TV and cable programs as CNN, CNBC, Today Show, Good Morning America, The View, MSNBC, Fox News Channel and many others.
We’ll do all the work: just send some background material and a copy of your book/galleys (if any). We’ll have one of our expert copywriters review your material, then do an indepth interview with you via phone to uncover your best publicity angles. RTIR Ads
Then we’ll write some copy for your approval, typeset it and publish it in our twice-monthly magazine. Interested producers will contact you directly to arrange for interviews (typically via phone for radio interviews though sometimes big TV shows will fly guests in). All you have to do is sit back and wait for producers to call!


Component 2

In addition to your three ads in RTIR, you’ll also receive four 115-word listings in our new specialized Experts4Interviews e-newsletters which are debuting in beta mode in late-Spring 2013, designed to help you land publicity with print publications, blogs and specialized radio/TV programs.

Of course, as with RTIR we’ll even write your copy at no extra charge (subject to your approval).

Each Experts4Interviews edition will reach writers, bloggers and radio/TV producers who cover that particular topic.  You’re guaranteed to reach a total of least 2,000 media decision makers and may choose to run your four listings all in one publication (perhaps one per month for four months) or divide them among our fourteen different editions, which will include:

Alternative Health Personal Finance
Career Advice Psychology & Self Improvement
Consumer Advice Relationships
Christian Sales & Marketing
Health & Fitness Small Biz/Entrepreneurial Advice
Leadership & Management Spirituality
Parenting and Family Women’s Topics


Component 3

YouTube Did you know is the third largest search engine today? It’s also one of the fastest growing publicity outlets today – particularly if you’re promoting any type of how-to information. Every day millions of people search YouTube for answers to problems they face. You need to be there when they’re searching for your topic!

To help you capitalize on the YouTube explosion, we’ll shoot up to five videos for you and prepare them to be posted on YouTube. Each video will be you talking for 90 seconds on a topic you know well (we’ll help you figure out which topics to focus on) and will include both your website and book title (if any). We can do your videos live in our suburban Philadelphia office, at one of our events or even by Skype video which means you don’t even have to leave home!

Component 5

Did you know that many radio/TV producers and journalists search for prospective guests online? That’s why in addition to being in our print and email publications, we’ll also include you for a full year on Through the site, interested media will be able to contact you directly.


Component 6

In addition to the done-for-you services listed above, you'll also get a 90% discount on up to three tickets to my two-day Publicity & Promotion Workshop, in Fall, 2013 in Philadelphia, and get in-depth training on landing free publicity on radio/TV shows as well as online and in leading print publications. The theme will be how to cost- effectively reach at least a million people with your message. Don't worry if you can't make it in March, because you can come to another one in the future. Note: This workshop is different than my National Publicity Summit where you meet media face-to-face.  Tickets

This seminar sells separately for $997.00 to $1,997.00 but you may buy up to three tickets for just $97 each -- a more than 90% discount -- when you take advantage of my Maximum Publicity Package.

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The best part really is the price...

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As you know, most publicists and PR firms typically charge anywhere from $15,000.00 to $30,000.00 or more for a campaign but with my Maximum Publicity Package, you'll be able to attract media coverage for a fraction of that cost.

The price for my Maximum Publicity Package is one single investment of $2,497 and at that price I'm sure you'll agree it's a bargain given everything you're getting.

A single payment of $2,497

Click here now to get your Maximum Publicity Package and let's get started!  Remember, even if you don't feel ready to use everything in the package you can lock-in at this discounted price and use each component when the timing makes sense for you.

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As you can see, my Maximum Publicity Package is a tremendous value.

Don’t forget… just ONE major media feature can change everything for you. Click here now to give my Maximum Publicity Package a try.

Looking forward to seeing you in print, on the web and on the air!

Steve Harrison

Steve Harrison,
Your Publicity Strategist

P.S. Remember, publicity works better than advertising! My entire program costs less than a single ad in many magazines and newspapers. Click here to get your Maximum Publicity Package and let's get started!

P.P.S. Don't forget that even if you're not ready to use everything in the package, you can use each component as the timing suits, so enroll now.

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